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Lunch With The Future

The “Lunch with the Future” program is a vital component to MPYD’s mentoring program. The premise of this program is that one day the young men of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Through motivational tactics, "Lunch with the Future" provides a safe non-intimidating environment away from the pressure of their peers and society. It allows the students to learn from successful professionals like local entrepreneurs, City and State government workers, elected officials, scholars, and members of civic groups, who volunteer their time to speak with our students on various relative topics.

The goal is to enable young men to visualize and prepare for a future that provides productive employment and a healthy lifestyle within their family and local community, which is achieved by avoiding destructive paths of low achievement, grade retention, gang involvement, and a potential criminal record.

Another objective is to instill within them the desire to interact with their teachers, parents, leaders, and peers in a positive and productive manner. It is our hope that our mentees will realize their need to set achievable goals and to become proactive in preparing to reach those goals.


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